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Free Physical Event

Each year Team Heal puts on an event where they offer free physical exams to Carson athletes, including 2014 incoming freshman. This event is open to athletes from any of our sport teams. This year Carson H.S. is scheduled to go on Saturday, April 26th. Remember, you must have a cleared physical (on the proper district form) before you can tryout for ANY sport or practice. A number of the Carson H.S. athletic teams are already planning on taking some of their athletes to the event but if you'd like to go and your team is not scheduled to go or you are unsure if they are see Coach Mike Kline in the Athletic Director's office. If you are planning on going, you will need to complete the 3 forms in the folder entitled TEAM HEAL EVENT located on the right hand side of this page in the Locker section. These forms must be filled out prior to the event and submitted to either your coach or Coach Mike Kline. In addition, we need to know that you are going ahead of time so we can add your name to the list of attendees and for bus count. You can email your name to or call the number below.


Call the Carson H.S. Athletic Office @ (310) 847-6053


Athletic Department

Carson High School has a long standing tradition of high achieving scholar athletes, competitive teams, successful programs, and a rich student-athlete culture. We have athletes that have not only been successful in the classroom, but also at the league, city, state, and, in some cases, national level. Carson student-athletes have a sense of pride unmatched by any other and we invite you to join in on the excitement and become a part of our "Colt Love" family!

Important People in Athletics

Assistant Principal (AP) of Athletics: Ron Lenhart

Athletic Director (AD): Mike Kline

Assistant Athletic Director: Kevin Shaw

Athletic Trainer [Team Heal]: Rachel Meadows

Equipment Manager: Frank Saldana


The Athletic Director's office is located inside the main gym (the back side of it). 

Telephone # for AD Office: (310) 847-6053

Athletic Director's Email:

Telephone # for AP of Athletics: (310) 847-6003

School Fax #: (310) 518-5817

Team Tryouts (ALL Sports) and Changes re: Physical Exam Requirement

Per new LAUSD policy, any student trying out for a high school team must have a physical examination before participating in tryouts. Only the district approved physical exam form will be accepted so make sure you obtain the form from your team's coach, the AD, or download it from this page under the section labeled "Athletic Forms." 


IMPORTANT: Make sure the doctor performing the exam signs, dates, and stamps the form or it will not be accepted.


Once completed, turn in the form to the school nurse (or your coach) as she must then clear you to be eligible to attend tryouts. The nurse will notify the Athletic Director who will then notify your team's coach when you are clear and eligible to attend tryouts/compete. Once your physical is cleared by the nurse it is good for one year from the date of the exam. Therefore, if your child already has a cleared physical exam on file with the school, such as in the case that they had one done to tryout and/or play a previous sport, then he/she does not need a new one but rather needs to notify their coach so he/she can seek confirmation from the Athletic Director; however, they would need to have a new physical done before the current one expires so there is no disruption in their athletic eligibility.


NOTE - If your child does not have a physical done AND it is not cleared by the school nurse then he/she may NOT participate in tryouts or compete until such time.


Any questions and/or concerns regarding this district-wide policy, feel free to contact the school's Athletics Office at (310) 847-6053 or the LAUSD Athletics Department at (213) 241-5847. 

You Just Made A Team @ Carson High...Now What?

If you just earned a spot on one of our many high school teams you now need to complete an ATHLETIC ELIGIBILITY PACKET.

There are two ways you can get a packet:

  1. Open the folder at the top right of this page entitled “Athletic Eligibility Packet.” It is located under the heading Athletic Forms. Once open, print all ten (10) pages in the folder and complete them according to the instructions on page 1 of the packet.
  2. Obtain one from either the Athletic Director’s Office or your team’s coach.

Once you have completed all of the pages in your packet, turn it in to the Athletic Director (AD) or your team’s coach who will then give it to the AD who will check it over for accuracy and ultimately, determine your eligibility. NOTE: You MAY NOT participate in any practice or game until you have been cleared by the Athletic Director. Failure to comply with this policy may result in your being ineligible for the entire season and forfeitures for the team.

How To Calculate My Grade Points (GPA) for Athletic Eligibility

Your ability to become a member of any high school sport team in LAUSD is based upon a number of factors but one of the most important is your academic eligibility. LAUSD requires a minimum 2.0 GPA ...more


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