Carson Senior High

About our 3 academies

Global Business, Law, and Government



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Performance, Art, Media, and Communication



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Environmental Science,

Engineering, and Technology


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Global Business,

Law, & Government (GBLG):

The Global Business, Law, and Government academy is perfect for students looking for a fun and challenging high school experience that prepares them for college admission as well as future employment. GBLG offers opportunities that support careers in local and national government, law and justice, and small business ownership. Students may take AP classes in all core subject areas, as well as choose from a variety of electives, including accounting, criminal justice, and JROTC.  Extracurricular activities are planned by elected student representatives allowing our students to participate in the democratic process. The faculty of the GBLG academy is a hardworking group of educators who strive to connect learning opportunities across subjects, secure internships within the community, and plan field trips that enhance concepts learned in class. By the time they graduate, GBLG students will have many marketable skills, giving them a head start on their future.

Performance Arts/Media

& Communications (PAMA):

PAMA challenges the performing and creative talents of our diverse student body. PAMA students will have the opportunity to study the arts in its various forms and discover how the arts tie in with the human experience. The Performing Arts pathway encompasses theatre arts (drama, play production, technical theatre), music, and dance. The Media pathway will focus on careers in film, radio, and television.

Environmental Science,

Engineering, & Technology (ESET):

Design and create a sustainable energy project; build and maintain a living green space complete with organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs; cater an extravagant dinner; build a remote operating vehicle or robot; repair, restore and/or design an automobile; leave a lasting eco art piece you’ve designed; run an on campus café; travel and learn about a national park….join the Environmental Science, Engineering, and Technology academy where lessons from the classroom blossom and grow into real and relevant projects.  This is where technology combines with creativity and learning comes alive with possibilities. This academy uses a holistic approach to learning with career focuses in the natural environment, engineering, culinary arts, computers, and automotive arenas all with an over arching theme of sustainability both locally and globally. Get a well rounded education while building the skill sets you need to succeed in life.