Carson Senior High

About us...

The Carson High School Booster Club is a non-profit organization involved in

supporting school activities through scholarships, awards and financial contributions.

Its membership consists of parents, faculty, alumni, and friends who are concerned

with the recognition and achievement and the expansion of learning opportunities

for the students of Carson High School


All parents are encouraged to be involved in the activities at Carson High School by

joining and participating in the BOOSTER CLUB. In this period of reduced school

budgets, the existence of many activities which are important to a total educational

experience are threatened. Many of these activities can be maintained and in fact

expanded with a healthy and supportive Booster Club. Please join us and give your

child(ren) the benefit of your school involvement. It’s fun to be a member of your

family’s time at Carson High School.


The meetings are held every second Monday, in the OAR at 6:30 pm.