Carson Senior High

About our Clubs

We have a tremendous variety of student initiated clubs on our campus. Our Carson HS students are enthusiastic and committed to many causes through these extracurricular clubs.

Quad Party was a success!

Quad Party was a success!

Inter Club Council Meetings

Inter Club Council meets every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month in S-3 during nutrition.


There is also an ICC Facebook group page, please add for updates and information!

Club List


Club Name Sponsor Rm # Meeting Date/Time
Academic Decathlon Morris J29  
Animal Rescue Club Harger G1 1st&3rd Thurs.-Lunch
BSU Harris G4 Thurs.-Lunch
Cinema Club Leibner L4  
Cars & Guitars Roach S1 Wed.-Lunch
College Ctr. Peer Koletty C11 Fri.-Lunch
Colt Pride Club Ravelo L2 Lunch
Colt's Kitchen Kelly S7 Fri.-AfterSchool
Creative Expression Barkin S8 Tues.-Lunch
CSF Cox H2 Tues.-Lunch
CSM Weir H4 Wed.-AfterSchool
Drama Sullivian F2 Wed.-Lunch
Future Educators Rendon MPR 1x a mo.MPR-Lunch
GSA Sullivan F2 Thurs.-Lunch
HOSA Sullivan F2 Tues.-Lunch
Host Club Duer C26  
Human Rights Weir H4 Thurs.-Lunch
Jr. Council Vatandoust Z1 1st-3rd Fri.-Lunch
Key Club Morris MPR Mon.-Lunch
Latin Dance Club Aburto X4 Fri.-AfterSchool
Maharlika Jaranilla C6 Wed-AfterSchool
Music  & Move Club Bottlik G27 Fri.Lunch
Native American Randolf C2 1st & 3rd Fri.-Lunch
New Life Mertens G24 Wed.-Lunch
Out Spoken Tuesday S.Green K22 Tues.-Lunch
Phenomenal Ladies Kimble J11 Wed.-Lunch
Ping Pong Burger G5 Thurs.-Lunch
Takeover 12 Ravelo L2 Wed.-Lunch
The Club Bradley J19 AfterSchool
Timothy Circle Bible Club Lee Z14 Thurs.-Lunch
VCYC Batucal H27 Fri.-Lunch
VG Club Okura X7 Tues.-Lunch