Carson Senior High


Writing Contest! Win an ipad or even up to $3000!

Submit a typed digital version through school loop loopmail to Ms. Bottlik by Friday, March 24, 2017


Prompt:  What book sparked your interest in literature?  How/Why?


Write 500 words on the topic.  Be sure to divide it into paragraphs.  


1st place prize is $3000! 2nd place prize is $2000!  3rd place...$1000! The top 15 entries receive ipads with $50 Amazon gift cards!


NOTE: Make sure your essay is personal, interesting, and well-written.  Make sure you explain what books you read after the book that sparked your interest in literature to show your growing interest in reading. Divide your essay into paragraphs.  



Posted by: SUZANNE BOTTLIK Published:3/13/17
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