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PAMA students after DTASC Drama performances with their certificates, November 2016

PAMA students after DTASC Drama performances with their certificates, November 

PAMA 9th Grade Assembly, Sept. 2016. Greeting our new 9th graders with the Summer Bridge Crew!

Performing Arts and Media Academy


As well as all the college prep, honors, and AP classes offered by Carson High School, PAMA students also have access to PAMA pathway classes:


The THREE PATHWAYS of PAMA: Students  have access to the field trips, internships, competitions, and scholarships that are offered in their pathway. Performing/Fine Arts classes are underlined and meet the “F” requirement.

    1. Photo 1 &2
      1. Picture taking techniques: Blurring, Portraits, Framing, Perspective, make things big or small, etc (100+ techniques)
      2.  How to use the DSLR, Cannon, and TI series camera
      3. Showcase photos on an online portfolio
      4. How to tell a story with a picture
      5. How to explain your pictures
      6. Link with other classes. Example: How Halloween and Day of the Dead have influenced each other, project with Ms. Gonzalez’es Spanish class.
    2. New Media 1 & 2: 
      1. Taking Pictures and Video so as to alter them in post-production. 
      2. Investigate the affect that social media has on art and people
      3. Certification in digital imagery with “Photoshop”
      4. Certification in desktop publishing with “Illustrator” and “Indesign”
      5. Certification in web design with “Dreamweaver”
      6. If certified in 3 of these programs, you can probably get a job right now as a graphic designer, and it will also help with college admissions.
    3. Yearbook:  Offered period 0 in place of advisory, this class works on creating the Carson Complex Yearbook along with all 5 academies on campus
    4. Journalism:  Offered period 4, this class creates and issues the school newspaper, “The Trailblazer”
  2.  PERFORMING ARTS:  Take 2 or more of the following:  Intro Theater, Improv, Theater Production, Musical Theater, PE Dance. Optional: Take part in DTASC Competitions,  Improv Team, Theater Productions
    1. Intro Theater:  9th grade introduction to theater
    2. Improv:  10th grade advisory that allows students to meet “F” requirement and learn about improvisation.  Carson High School Comedy Sportz team is an improvisation team.
    3. Theater Production:  Theater class for 11th and 12th graders who either didn’t get a chance to take Intro Theater in 9th grade or want a more low key drama class
    4. Musical Theater:  Theater class for students who will be involved in productions after school and competitions with DTASC: Must audition with Ms. Barryte
    5. PE Dance:  Street Dance/Hip Hop/Contemporary Popular: Must audition with Mr. Deur
  3. PRODUCTION & MANAGERIAL ARTS:  Take 2 of the Following:  Performing Artist, Stage Tech 1, Stage Tech 2.  These classes are for 11th and 12th graders. Serious students of theater will want to take classes in both Performing Arts and Production & Managerial Arts.
    1. Performing Artist:  Learn about Directing, Producing, Business Management, Costume and Makeup Designer, House Manager,  Stage Manager
    2. Stage Tech 1:  Preliminary intro to Set Design, Sound Design, Lighting Design, Stage Crew, Set Building, Technical Directing

Stage Tech 2:  Experience being a Technical Director, Sound Technician, Lighting Designer, Set Builder and Set Designer.    Work with industry partners  on plays, musicals and other events orchestrated by students

DTASC Scholarship Winners! Drama Teachers Association of Southern California Scholarship Winners are: Sanae Murray, Bryan Varela and Lavar Johnson.

Drama Teachers Association of Southern California Scholarship Winners are:  Sanae Murray, Bryan Varela and Lavar Johnson



THE "DTASC" SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL was a huge success. DTASC is the Drama Teacher's Association of Southern California.   46 schools from around Southern California competed in events ranging from technical theater, to monologues, to group scenes.  Carson High's JV Team (9th grade) came away with MANY trophies and plaques. At the varsity level, 2 groups made it into finals:  Our overall big winners were Lavar Johnson for Monologue, with a 4th place trophy, and Dominique Payne, Sarah Guei, and Tairah Umeadi in "Shakespeare the Musical" with an honorable mention.  The judge's lunch was catered by Chef Stef, and her amazing culinary arts students in the Colt Kitchen.  Carson High Students participated as campus guides, set-up and tear-down crews, photography and journalism, and as room chairs for the 4 competition rounds in 52 classrooms.  Carson High School parents also volunteered, serving lunches, selling concessions, supervising students, and making runs to stores.  There were 14 CHS staff and administrators assisting in all areas, from judging to supervision.  THANKS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED, students, parents, staff, and participants.  

PAMA Shakespeare Festival at Carson High School ~ April 24-25, 2015

PAMA Shakespeare Festival at Carson High School, April 24,25, 2015

About us...


  • PAMA is a small learning community (SLC) that focuses on enriching students through studying various arts and different types of media.
  • Elective courses include Drama, Journalism, Speech, Music, Drawing, and more.
  • Students complete rigorous academics and are expected to maintain at least a 2.5 GPA.
  • We create a positive learning environment in which all students have the chance to be successful.
  • All students are expected to graduate and eventually attend a four-year university.
  • Core classes cover A-G requirements.
PAMA’s Mission:
  • Students will come to understand the role that arts and media play in our society
  • To ensure that our students succeed in rigorous academic courses
  • To encourage students to explore careers in various arts and different forms of media
  • To foster social responsibility and community involvement
Benefits of joining PAMA:
  • Choice of focus on careers in which students show interest
  • Classes with other PAMA students and teachers
  • Field trips to universities, film and television production studios like Sony, plays, and other related events
  • Help with career planning
What PAMA Offers:
    • Rigorous academic classes with completion of A-G requirements included
    • Development of listening and speaking skills
    • Extra-curricular activities
    • Research skills and strategies
    • Field Trips and on-campus activities
    • Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes
    • Intervention and after-school tutoring
    • Dedicated teachers
    • Career planning
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PAMA student, Brianna Ryan signs for Softball full ride at PACE University in New York, Nov. 9, 2016

PAMA student, Brianna Ryan signs for Softball full ride at PACE University in 
New York, Nov. 9, 2016


PAMA 9th Grade Career Day Presentation Awards!